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S.E.I.P.S was founded in 2008 to help those who are suffering from paranormal activity. We investigate homes and businesses from Island Park to Pocatello. S.E.I.P.S is different from most other paranormal investigative groups because we attempt to find alternate, non-paranormal explanations for the activity you are experiencing. We know that most people will avoid what they are fearful of. At S.E.I.P.S, our investigators are trained to go TOWARDS that fear and are given the knowledge and tools they need to find an explanation and set you at ease. However, if all we are left with is evidence that can't be explained then we will do everything in our power to continue to help our client to the best of our ability.

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Cindy SEIPS President

Jim SEIPS Vice president

Eric SEIPS Investigator

Rygg SEIPS Investigator

Audrey SEIPS Investigator